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Poking fun at alcoholics – I think it is done

Earlier today, I was at a training event for a First Aid organization I volunteer for, and we all had to introduce ourselves. This involved our names, our primary location for volunteering, and how many years we had all been doing this.

Right off the bat, the first person introducing themselves, made it sound like we were at a recovery meeting. Everyone after that made jokes like: “Hi, my name is Whatever, and I’m an alcoholic.” everyone laughed, including myself. It was 8AM, people were tired, or not yet awake, and it was funny.

However, it did get me thinking that some people would and could take offense to this. Which would seem funny to me. Statistically, pretty much everyone in the room knows someone who is going, or should go, to recovery oriented meetings. The unexpected link to AA meetings, n this case, at 8AM is pretty funny. There was no shaming of alcoholics, there was no shaming of addiction, just a funny moment among people who had to break the ice.

I must also say that I do not easily get offended, and that one of my biggest defences is “joking”. What that means is that, even though I can be hurt easily, I do not take things  about my addiction issues personally. I am proud of the work I have put into my recovery. I can see how others could get offended by these “outsiders” poking fun, or having a laugh at addicts’ expense, and I get it.

Thank you.


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